Facebook Page Feed Not Showing On A Profile?

Well, the reasons could be...

#1 The online feed communication with Facebook might be down. Usually if this does occur it only lasts for a few minutes and should be back up and running soon.

#2 The Facebook page owner/admin may have set viewing restrictions to their Facebook page. This is usually through their 'country' or 'age' settings which must be set to 'allow all' for facebook page feeds to show on websites such as BusinessAtTheBeach.com - please use the direct link that is showing on their company profile page to visit their facebook page.

#3 The Facebook page owner/admin may have changed their URL/Link to their Facebook page after their profile was set-up with us on BusinessAtTheBeach.com - which would make the feed non-functional. If this is the case, Facebook page owner/admin please contact us and we will make the necessary changes on your Business At The Beach profile page.

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