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Thank you so very much for your interest in Sponsoring A Page with us on South Carolina Business At The Beach!

Check any/all of our pages....Do you see a "Have Your Ad Shown Here" image on it? -- just like the one you see over on the right side of this page - Well, then that page is available to sponsor!

It is only $195 a year! ---- Ltd Time Save $100! ---- Now Just $95 a year!

You will get a static 250x250 image ad with a direct link to your website -or- to your company profile page with us, if you have one. There is only 1 spot available per page and its first-come-first-served so please get your sponsorship in asap!


Until then, please email us if you are interested in sponsoring a page with us! Thanks! Looking forward to hearing from you! You will find our email address at the bottom of this page! Thanks!

Act fast 'cause for a limited time it's now only $95 Year (that's less than $8/month) to sponsor any category page in the main Directory! (ie Attorneys, Water Parks, Real Estate Agents, etc.)

We program pages so that the page sponsor's ad shows in social media when someone shares a page with us! It's not guaranteed to work 100% of the time but it works prety good! Some extra free bonus coverage for ya!

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